Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter Free

August 01, 2016  //  Posted by: Besty  //  Category: Home Care

Keeping home clutter freeMost of us have spent their entire life in a house full of clutter. You will always have your closets full, have those drawers which would not shut easily, things roaming here and there and in almost each room there would be some project which is left unfinished. Of course none of us like that but we think it’s not possible to keep your home clutter free all the time. But have you been in a situation when some guest is going to arrive suddenly and then all of your family members start keeping your home clutter free and make it in a condition which looks presentable. Yes of course all of you have been in such situation and hence this proves that if you can do it once then you can definitely keep your home clutter free.

The actual problem is not to keep your home clutter free; actually the real problem is that you don’t care about the clutter. It’s like you have been habituated in living in such a cluttered home. That’s the reason why you never realize to keep your home clutter free. Instead of being habituated in living in such a mess, you must develop systems which keep your home clutter free. If each member of your family keeps at least their room clutter free then also it becomes easy for you’re to keep your home clutter free. Here are some of the tips to keep your home clutter free.


  • Believe it is possible

Most of us believe that it is possible to keep your home clutter free and that’s the reason you are reading this article. The problem is you just need a little guidance to reach that point to keep your home clutter free. But there are some of you who are not so sure. You have lived in a house full of clutter for so long that or let’s say your entire life that you have left with no hope that you can live in any environment other than this. For such kind of people the first step to keep your home clutter free is to believe it totally that yes it is possible to keep your home clutter free. Always remember you will never be able to do anything if you don’t believe that you can accomplish it. Thus find hope and start with taking a small step and then go on with taking another and then another.

  • Remove the excess

Your home will be full of things and clutter will begin to be seen very easily when we collect too much of stuff. On a contrary, fewer items we own less will be the chances of making the clutter and more will be chance4s of keeping your home clutter free. Thus the first thing you should do to make your home clutter free is to remove all useless things and excessive items which are taking up our time energy and even our lives. While you are removing excess, you might also get the correct idea as to how to maintain your house in this clutter free condition. Now this excess things and clutters are

  • Too many things in a very small space.
  • Anything which is no longer in use.
  • Anything which leads in the feeling of disorganization of stuff.
  • Drawers over filled with junk of useless items like rubber bands, old batteries or old locks or papers.
  • Outdated decorative materials which are no longer useful.
  • Sentimental items which are collected since many years but having no use.
  • Books which you never use.
  • Useless things of other family members who have occupied the space of common rooms.

Remove everything from the house which can be included in the above list. Start with a small space and don’t jump over the spots like garage or attic or basement or else you will stop it right away without even starting it.

  • Keep the habit of managing your clutter

We usually think that the key to keep your home clutter free is to clean, make it clutter free and organize and keep on doing this thing. But this idea never worked out to keep your home clutter free as you were never able to complete cleaning and organizing and keeping your home clutter free in full and that’s why you were never able to restart it. Once you are done with clearing one area and start with the next, on completion of next you will find the first area cluttered again. Thus for keeping your home clutter free, you must maintain the cleared area and let it get cluttered again or your job will be never ending and you will keep on making your clutter free and yet not find it clutter free. Here are some of the habits to be developed to keep your home clutter free.

  • Clean your kitchen daily after meal.
  • Keep your daily used items at their own place after using them like books, toys, clothes and such other items.
  • Complete the incomplete project around the house fully.
  • Slow down your collection of possession

We need to consume things for living and it is inevitable part of our life and specifically in the type of society we live and our culture we keep on consuming and acquiring things. But if we can even slow down the consumption of things, it would be easier for you to manage all the mess and keep your home clutter free. For slowing down collection of things, we need to change our frame of mind. Think twice before buying any item and ask yourself these questions.

  • Is this thing really needed?
  • Do you have enough places to store these things in your home when you get back?
  • Are you buying this thing for the right reason or purpose?

These questions are not going to stop your purchase but at least you will be able to limit your purchase to specific level. Now you will buy only those things which are your necessity and which are actually needed.

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