Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

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Pros and cons of metal roofing

Advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing

If it’s time to replace your old roof or even if you want to place new roof on your home, you must consider metal roofing as an option. It’s really important to make some research before you make the final call. Metal roofing is a great choice for roofing, but all the material has some good and bad of their own. You must have considered asphalt, wood and aluminum as your roofing choice, now it’s time to consider metal roofing and compare it with metal roofing. If you find metal roofing compatible with your needs then you have it. You must weigh its pros and cons for better understanding. See whether pros are more or cons are more. Check out your surrounding area and compare it with metal roofing whether it fits in or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of metal roofing which will help you make the decision whether to opt for it or not.


  • Expected life

If installation is done in proper manner then metal roofing can last as long as the life of your house. This is really a big saving of money as replacing a roof is way too much costly and having a roof which can last for the lifetime is great choice to make. Metal roofing can last for so long as it can survive with high winds and it can also seal out the water along with having an ease in shedding the snow. Having all these qualities will enable it to expand the life of metal roofing. Metal roofing is also resistant to fire, insects, rot and mildew. Warranties can be different from one manufacturer to another but majority of the companies will back their metal roofing for 20 to 50 years. If it is a paint finish then it will generally have a limited warranty of 30 years.

  • Weight

Metal roofing is considered to be very light weighted when it is compared to that with tile and concrete tile. Most of the varieties of metal roofing lie in between 50 to 150 pounds per square. Certain types of metal roofing materials can also be applied even on the existing roof without even having the need to tear off the old roof or install any additional support to your main frame. In fact if you are constructing a home or having an addition installed, then considering metal roofing will help you to decrease the number of roofing support membranes.

  • Easy and speedy roofing installation

Majority of the metal roofing shingles are available in multiple shingles wherein they have 12 to 36 inch wide panels. If you have hired an accomplished contractor then he can finish metal roofing installation pretty much fast. If you are having your old roof stripped off and the weather is bad and stormy then cutting the work of installation by a day or two can prove to be really advantageous. Because of the light weight you can save on supporting structure and also engineering.

  • Fire resistant

Metal roofing are pretty much noncombustible and they are allotted with fire rating of class A which is most resistant grading. Classification of roof depends upon the material which is inside the surface which can ignite in intense heat. Most of the metal roofing is applied over combustible materials like wood shingles which have a lower fire rating of class C.

  • Heat conduction

Metal will generally reflect heat from the sun and it will minimize the midday heat intake. This means that it will improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce the energy bills on air conditioning units. However this material is itself is low on R- value of insulation as many of the system is utilizing dead air space between rood deck and metal for increasing energy efficiency.


  • Cost

One of the major drawbacks of metal roofing is its initial costing. The initial costing of metal roofing is equal to the costing of any other premium material. But anyways this material has a really long lasting durability and hence the whole high costing can be covered up as it don’t need replacement and last for lifetime. Thus you can save in long term and of course you also cut back in seasonal maintenance as they don’t need one.

  • Noise

You can like sound of rain drops on your roof for a while after that it’s always disturbing. You cannot bear it if it’s for a long time. This thing happens with metal roof. In a situation of rain storm or hail storm, living under a metal roof is really too much noisy and irritating. But you have solution for this. You can install certain materials which can act as noise barriers for minimizing the drumming effect.

  • Denting

You must have seen that your car will dent if a ball hits it, in the same manner your metal roof will also dent if any hailstorm falls on it. Aluminum and copper are even softer than steel and they are even more prone to denting. There are certain types which are guaranteed that they will not dent but you still have to remain conscious and not to walk on the roof. Even in the cases of chimney cleaning and occasions of plumbing, you cannot walk on all the types of metal roofing.

  • Expansion and contraction

Metal is a material which expands and contracts when it warms and cools. Many of the new products possess fastening system which accommodates movement or else fasteners which secure the roofing will tend to become loose. Along with that contraction and expansion on hot days can also cause wavy effect.

  • Modifications

Metal roofing materials are such which are installed in large panels and hence it becomes very much difficult to replace them when they get damaged. When you have individual shingles, it becomes very easy to repair or replace them but large panels cannot be repaired or replaced that easily. Even its very difficult to get the match of the materials after 10 to 20 years.

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