How To Organize Your Closet

May 23, 2016  //  Posted by: Besty  //  Category: Home Improvement

Closet OrganisationIf you want your room to be organized and be in a good manner then the first step to keep your room organized is to organize your closet. When there is not enough space in your closet and it is all messed up, you start putting your stuff here and there in your room and make your room messy and cluttered. Thus for keeping your room and your life organized you need to keep your closet organized. For organizing your closet, you need to sort all your stuff and decide you have, what you use and what you never ever use and should be dumped. When you want to organize your closet and you open for organizing you feel that it is already organized and needs only minor changes but it is not so. While starting to organize your closet, you must take all the stuff out and think upon how to organize your closet. Organizing your closet might come to you like a big task but trust me it is not that big. You just need to follow some simple things and you will able to organize your closet like a pro. Here are some of the steps which would help you to organize your closet in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Sort your clothes

When you open a girls closet the highest amount of things you find in there is clothes and still each and every girl would be crying they has nothing to wear. To resolve this issue, all you need to do is just organize your closet. By doing so you will find many clothes which belong to you but you never see them in such a mess and hips of clothes. Take all your clothes out of your closet and start sorting them. Separate the clothes according to their use. Keep aside the clothes which you frequently wear and keep aside the clothes which you occasionally wear. After take aside the clothes which you never really put on and it still occupies space in your closet and make it really messy. Such clothes don’t belong to your close instead they should be donated. After sorting fold all your clothes in proper piles and place them in your closet again. You will find some increased space in your closet.

  • Sort seasonal clothes aside

There are many clothes which are seasonal and you cannot wear them throughout the year. These are the clothes which grabs much of your space in closet. You should take such seasonal clothes out of your closet and pack them up in boxes. This will give you added space your closet and you will be able to place all your stuff which you usually use but can’t find space for them. You can keep these seasonal clothes under your bed or in a storage unit or pack them properly and place them in your basement.

  • Clean the closet from inside

Before start organizing your closet and put your clothes back into it you must first clean it. When everything is out of your closet while organizing it, you must take a damp cloth and clean your closet with it. Clean each and every corner of your closet while organizing it and also not forget each drawer while organizing your closet and cleaning it. Before organizing your closet back you must sweep the closet or vacuum it. You should also wipe the walls while organizing your closet with the help of all-purpose cleaner. If you find any cobweb or spider while organizing your closet then try and clean it specifically. If you want to make any changes in your closet then it is the right time to do so while you are organizing your closet. You can change the inside color of the closet or you can also add any shelves or remove any and make your closet updated.

  • Organize your shoes

Shoes are such a thing which takes up lots of space in your closet. It is but obvious that you cannot have all your shoes in your closet. You have picked some of your shoes to be kept in closet and other at some separate space. Sort out which shoes you want in closet, which in storage space and which one to throw. Separate your shoes by type. Keep aside dress shoes, boots and sandals. Decide how often you wear which shoes. Keep the pair of shoes which is your favorite, your flip flops and sneakers at a place which is easily accessible. Buy a shoe rack and place it on the floor of your closet. This will make the process of finding the shoes on the occasions much easier for you. Even putting it back after use will also be easy and you will stay out mess while organizing your closet. While organizing your closet if you are not able to place it on the floor then try to store your shoes in the space which is overhead. This one of the more easy and efficient way to store your shoes. If your closet has doors which opens up instead of sliding doors then this is the best thing you have got. While organizing your closet try and make a hanging shoe rack on the sides of the closet. If you have any closet in the front hall then keep your shoes in that closet instead of your personal closet. This will offer you have a lot of space in your personal closet for your more personal stuff. Thus try and make this minor change while organizing your closet and specifically shoes.

  • Keep additional items in the additional space

When you get added space in your closet while organizing your closet, keep all those additional stuff in there like accessories, jewelry, towels, blankets, scarves, belts, bags, wallets and such other things. Keep that stuff easily accessible which are used daily by you. Try that this other stuff does not include magazine and box of chocolate as it can be kept anywhere else but not in your closet.


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