Energy-efficient windows

August 11, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Improvement, Windows & Valances

With rise in pollution, many constructors are now swearing by green initiative. If you are having your bungalow done by a constructor, get some space dug in front for rain water harvest. Use your electronic appliances meagerly and install energy efficient windows.

Natural options like glazed glass and wood are reckoned best windows to conserve energy. These keep the energy confined within which can be circulated for further use. You may also go for vinyl windows, which saves energy through its retentive capacity. Strangely, aluminum also helps in that aspect in spite of being a metal. These options are all bad conductors of heat and thus don’t conduct outer heat inside or leave out inner heat outside. This way, they naturally do the job of HVAC.

You may also go for cork insulation for your windows. Place two films of any material and stuff the mid-space with cork cushions. This will also make your house relatively soundproof.

Kitchen Window Coverings Ideas

February 08, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Kitchen Care, Windows & Valances

nullAre you tired of looking at the drab café curtain covering your kitchen windows or you feel that frilly or fruit patterned curtains doesn’t go well with your kitchen décor then here are some kitchen window coverings idea that doesn’t even require sewing:

You can get hold of some beautiful napkin rings that match your room décor and slip them over curtain rod. You can then pull the fabric or scarves of your choice through these rings and enjoy low cost beautiful window covers

You can tuck lovely curtain rings to a colorful table runner and create a simple yet elegant window cover.

Take out the colorful scarves that you no longer wear and attach drawer pullers to it to create wonderful kitchen window covering

Curtain ring clips could be used to attach your favorite placemats to create wonderful kitchen window coverings

These creative ideas can be used to come up with amazing kitchen window coverings.

Pelmet Designs and Curtain Pelmets For Window Treatments

January 09, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Home Care, Windows & Valances

nullPelmets are generally classified as pelmet valance and stiff pelmets. They have variety of designs that give a new look to your windows and also enhance the beauty of the entire room. Curtain pelmets are basically meant for window treatments and also for preventing light entering from the window top. You may opt for the traditional pelmet designs or the more contemporary according to your taste. However both look absolutely wonderful.

In case of curtain pelmets, often pelmets are used alone without the curtains. These are stiff pelmets that may have carvings or designs according to your requirements. Generally, the pelmet is adorned with curtain material and a lot of frills and pleats are also used. In order to accentuate the decoration, beads and braids are often attached at the end of it. You can even match and contrast the colors of your curtain pelmets and other textile stuff in your room for a more interesting look!