Carpet Steam Cleaner Information

July 10, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Improvement, Rugs & Carpets

When you are carpeting your home you are spending a lot of money. Thus, you would definitely try to take best care of the kind of carpet you possess. Keeping your carpet clean and in good condition for several years is quite a challenging affair. A proper maintenance of the carpet does not only make the item look good but also ensures a healthy atmosphere within the home. Nowadays, cleaning the carpet by means of steam has become quite a practice. More and more people are going for it.

There are lots of companies waiting to provide you with this kind of service. However, there are several ways and tools to help you accomplish the work yourself. When you start with steam cleaning you need to vacuum your carpet well. This has to be done with great attention because if you leave behind contaminants and soft soil you would land up messing up things at the time of cleaning with hot water. Steam cleaning is a sort of deep cleaning procedure with the help of which you can indeed make your carpet look perfect and shinny for years.

How to Care For Hand Hooked Rugs

January 10, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Rugs & Carpets

nullHand hooked rugs look great on any floor. But that is not enough, as you need to take proper care of them for everlasting beauty. Some of the ways in which you can care are:

• Never fold the rug, as it will damage the base that holds everything together. You can roll it up and store it in a proper place.

• Use vacuum with deliberation. Excess use of it will hamper the rug.

• If ever you spill dirt on it, use moist cotton with detergent to clean it. Never pour water or soak it in water.

• Do not place these rugs in damp areas like kitchen or bathroom.

• If you want to hang these rugs as artifacts, frame them and don’t use glue or tapes on them.

• It is better to repair small splits right away with professional help rather than sewing it all by yourself.
This can damage your rug forever.