Different Types of Beds

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BedsWhen we think of a bed we just think of relaxation, nice sleep for hours and comfort. We all have some or the other imagination when we think of bed. While buying the new bed we all want to match our imagination and reality. It is also possible but for that you need to start exploring your options and start digging out types of beds and find the best bed. There are various different types of beds with different features, different level of comfort and different looks. Here is a list of various types of beds which will avail you with different sleeping options in the market and give you a chance of selecting the one you imagined.

  • Divan bed

Divan beds are made up of two main parts which are attached together with a bracket. The base of the bed is made up of wooden material and it directly sits on the floor. The base of the bed is usually 3 feet high along with a lifting cover and avails with enough space to store your belongings in a well organized way. Divan beds are generally very functional and practical. It is a type of bed which is most preferred because of its supreme level of comfort and sturdiness. You are availed with different range of styles and extensive designs in case of divan beds. Along with style it offers various types of storage options like slider, zip storage, link storage and drawer style storage. It is considered to be one of the best types of beds from the point of view comfort and storage.

  • Sleigh bed

If you want a bold statement in your home then you can opt for sleigh bed. It gives a contemporary look. The design of slender bed is such that it gives a smart and slender look with sleek curves. Among different types of beds, the look of sleigh bed is very different and thus it brings a total different type of style in your bedroom. There are different materials for sleigh beds like wooden and metal but the most popular among all is leather. Among various types of beds, sleigh beds are the perfect fit for contemporary and modern styled homes. It contribution of sleigh beds to enhance the beauty of your room is a lot and hence it is advisable.

  • Sofa beds

If you want multifunctional furniture in your home, then sofa bed is the best one for you. It performs the function of both a sofa as well as a bed. During day, you can use it as sofa and at night you can convert it into bed. Sofa beds also come with storage space in it. Thus you can store extra household items in your sofa beds. Thus sofa beds can be used for various types of functions. It is mostly preferred by people having small houses so that they can save space and store their stuff also. You can also place sofa bed in kid’s room as their rooms are usually smaller.

Non profligate way to design your bedroom

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A soft-colored dust ruffle on the bed along with some small cushions makes a great bed and at the same time helps you to stay pocket-friendly. Most people are of the opinion that they can have a great bedroom only if they are willing to spend huge sums of money. If you are of the same opinion, then it is time that you change it. There are more ways than one to design your bedroom in the most cost-effective manner.

There is nothing better than to design the house on your own rather than someone else doing the same thing for you in return of money. Buying curtains to match the color of the wall to stitching them on your own brings in a sense of ‘home’ to the house. Then again, if you have a lamp by the bedside, you can give it your own personal touch. Your bedroom will be ready at just no cost at all.

Soft lacy pillows: Comfort with style

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The bed is perhaps the coziest place in the house & when decorated with soft lace pillows, it makes the place even better. If you are romantic at heart, then these pillows are sure to lure you. Soft pillows are always a comfort to sleep on. But combined with lace, they make a style statement. There are times when guests stay over for the night, if they have come to spend a holiday. In those cases, they would be aware of the sophistication of your bedroom, thanks to those lovely soft lacy pillows. They are sure to enjoy a stylish and comfortable sleeping experience.

From round shape to rectangular, or hearts, these pillows can make you feel the warmth of your loved one. Style and comfort blending into one is brought about by these soft little things on the bed. You can use different colors, but lighter shades are preferred. You are sure to get some sweet dreams.

Full Size Loft Beds: Save Space on a Larger Scale

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The world is slowly shrinking virtually with the huge population pressure. This is the main reason for the concept of apartments and flats. The basic governing factor today has to be space management. We need to manage in a small allocated amount of space. Thus, we need to plan and design out layout in such a way, that we can make our home look beautiful and elegant in spite of fitting in all the necessary furniture.

This is where, space management is so very important. Full size loft beds are very handy in this regard. They save a lot of space on a larger scale. They enable us to plan a space slightly more comfortably and easily. This is the basic reason for the huge amount of popularity of these full size loft beds. Thus it is a must for all people who have to manage in a limited amount of space. It is great furniture to possess.

Canopy Beds Are Great Choices for Home Décor

October 27, 2009  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Home Decor, Home Furnishings, Mattresses & Beds

nullCanopy beds look really wonderful when decorated with proper materials. There are a lot of factors to watch out for while deciding on the canopy bed. These beds should not be too low but of the right height, allowing air to circulate through it. You can choose from a variety of bed frames – wood or wrought iron. Wooden frames look stylish and are also lighter than iron ones. But some like the heavier ones and they are different in style too.

Canopy beds can be decorated with curtains of different sorts. Lace, tulle and satin are some of the commonly used fabrics. These can be beautifully set in layers and that would add some depth to it as well. They can be well suited to the color scheme of your bedroom. Along with it, you may also add some lighting like side table lamp as that would add a nice glow to the canopy bed!

Home Decor With a Japanese Futon Mattress

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nullJapanese futon mattresses are an unique mix of tradition, style and convenience. This style is not only limited to Japan, but has been lapped up by other countries. In the US, the Japanese futon mattresses are a big hit. Utility is the other name of futon mattresses. Traditional ones were padded mattresses and quilts that can be easily folded and kept away to provide enough room. A newer version of these futon mattresses can be laid on metal or wooden base and stored in the same manner.

Futon mattresses are thickly layered and made of foam. It comprises of a bed and mattress when bought in a set. The mattress can be changed so you have an option to give different look to your mattress when you get bored of it. Futon mattresses are very simply designed and the look is very pleasing to the eye. Home décor with Japanese futon mattress can change the way it looked.

New Organic Mattress

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nullOrganic as the name suggests, is eco-friendly and so the safest bet as far as mattresses are concerned. These mattresses are made up of natural products like rubber, cotton, wool and some other raw materials considered as organic. Advantages of an organic mattress are many as it is completely natural, and also guarantees you complete sound sleep.

They are absolutely durable, lasting almost 20 years and can be recycled after that. Organic substance, like wool is known for its properties that regulates temperature and defies fire. It also keeps moisture at bay and very good in keeping away allergens like dust and mites. So it is a great choice for allergic people. Organic mattresses are really viable as they not just lessen risk of diseases, but also are a step forward to less poisonous living. They are attached with a good warranty though in any case they are very sturdy.