How To Decorate Your Balcony

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decorating balconyDoes your balcony feel like empty and uninteresting? Are you planning to spice it up? If yes then you are on the right track. Balcony is such a place in your house where you can have privacy or spent some pleasures free time. After a long working day, one always for a space where they can forget about the tensions and just enjoys their life. Balcony is one such space in your home but of course with empty balcony, you might not get that feeling. The option is to decorate your balcony in the best possible way you can. Just imagine, in a dark night with cool breeze, with nice songs playing, you are lying on a comfortable couch with a coffee or soft drink. Yes of course it is very relaxing and soothing and you have this soothing moment in your balcony, if you decorate your balcony right way. When you are renting an apartment or even if owning a new apartment, it’s always a challenging work as to how to decorate your balcony. When you don’t get any ideas as to how to decorate your balcony, you usually leave it bare and in turn it is turned into a storage space which is definitely not the thing you should be doing with your balcony. Decorating your balcony can be difficult at first sight, but even if it is a small space you can decorate your balcony in many creative ways and you can turn it into a cozy retreat with little imagination and efforts. Here are some of the easy and effective ways to decorate your balcony.

  • Small balconies are big challenge

For decorating your balcony, you must know what type of balcony you actually have. What is the shape of your balcony square and short or skinny and long? Whether it is covered or open to the elements? Whether it has concrete slab or it has deck style flooring? Knowing all these minute details will help you to know what type of decoration will go with your balcony and how you are going to decorate your balcony. Knowing these things will also help you while decorating your balcony that what things will not at all go this type of balcony. For example if you are having a narrow balcony then putting a wide bench is your balcony is not a right way to decorate your balcony as it will not leave any space for moving. One of the essential thing is that you should use such furniture which mirrors the shape of the balcony.

  • Know your wants

Know what types of balcony you want to create. Whether you want a visual delight or such a place where you can barbecue or such a place where you can have a cozy conversation and relax yourself. Decorating your balcony which is small can make all this stuff very difficult thus focuses one thing which you desperately want.

  • Get aware with rules

Have a chat with your landlord about the decorations you are willing to make in your balcony and take permission from him to do so. He will for sure having a long list of things to do and things not do with him on your balcony. So before decorating your balcony or implementing the changes make sure to get all the permissions from the reliable person. For example having charcoal barbecue is not allowed in many of places in balcony.

  • Know your neighbors

Always consider your neighbors as they are connected to you and any changes you make is definitely going to affect them on a whole and they have a total right to argue and undo your changes if they are having any valid trouble with those changes. Thus while decorating your balcony in any of the unique or creative ways always consider your neighbors. While decorating your balcony, you might love the bonsai rain forest in your balcony and get pleasant feeling whenever you enter there but the neighbor below you might not appreciate the constant flow of water which falls on your carefully constructed baby’s play pen or desert scape.

  • Enjoy the natural beauty

If you are having a small balcony then considers turning your balcony into a small herb garden or flower garden. Mix it up all the seasonal delights, colorful flower plants and also herbs which you can use in your kitchen. Also place a sturdy stool and a soft and comfortable cushion for sitting so that you can enjoy a peaceful seat in your own garden paradise. Thus while decorating your balcony; always consider adding up a natural touch to your balcony.

  • Cozy ambience

If you want a classy retreat in your balcony then you can try and add a chair or possibly two and a small table and spent some relaxing time with your family members or your friends and have nice conversations. It can be the best place to have a morning coffee on that table in your balcony with newspaper and watching the sun rising with its golden rays falling on you.

  • Add a swing

If you are having a long balcony then the best way to decorate your balcony is to add up a swing in the balcony. You can spend time swinging while reading a book or having afternoon snack or gazing the sky at night with cool breeze.

  • Add lighting

One of the best ways to decorate your balcony is to add some lighting, it will make you balcony more charming and interesting. You can hang Christmas trees mini lights in your balcony and also use low cost lanterns to hang in your balcony and make it more happening. If you can’t have electrical connection in your balcony then best way to decorate your balcony is to use candles. It will make your space romantic and beautiful and you can have a candle light dinner just in your balcony.





Designer window grill for your home

June 18, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Designer window grillThe window grills on one hand offers proper security to your home while on the other hand it enhances the beauty of your home due to the various designer window grills. Window grill designs are versatile and you can have your very own customized design for the window grills.

The design of the window grills should be in compliance with the interior of your home. People in most cases prefer going for the simplest type of window grills. This will enable you to clean the grills properly. If the window grills are left unclean for days, then dust particles and dirt will accumulate in the corners of the window grills.

However you can for various intricate and complex designs as well for the window grills. These designs include various intricately carved designs like the heart shaped style, floral motifs or some circular designs. The colors of the window grill should also be chosen carefully to match the interiors of your home.




Luxury bathroom décor tips

May 27, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Luxury bathroom décorIf you are looking to get a luxurious bathroom in your house then you need to use a good amount of luxurious items. For getting a luxurious bathroom first is you need a good amount of space. Here are certain tips that will surely help you in getting the luxurious bathroom of your desire.

  • First you need to make sure that all your plumbing is hidden. No pipelines should be visible in a good bathroom.
  • Next is you should make sure that your bathroom has the much needed light that keeps the place illuminated.
  • Then you need to make a modern décor with all the required items. This will help you in making the bathroom look good.
  • You can use different types of lights to highlight your bathroom areas.
  •  Use of plants in the bathroom will give the place a natural and cool look.

For designing the bathroom you would need to have cool equipments that you can buy online.

Contemporary Bathtub Designs

April 13, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Bathtub Designs, BathtubsTaking bath and relaxing in Jacuzzi is the best way to reduce stress and feel relaxed. Contemporary bathtub gives relaxation and comfort. If you want to add contemporary bathtub in your bathroom, you have a plethora of different choices according to the price and design. You can choose anyone which suits your requirements.
Few contemporary bathtubs:
• Jetted Bathtub: It has standard features such as electrical pump, pipes, water jets and suction fittings. Through this the water comes out at high speed and velocity and massaging action reduce body soreness, stress.
• Air Bathtub: In air bathtub, air is mainly used for moving the water which gives a soothing and gentle massage. You can also use salts or gels, aromatic oils for relaxation without worrying about clogging.
• Pedestal Bathtub: This type of bathtub is different from others. It is deeper and similar to the pool design.
• Jacuzzi bathtub: If you want a luxurious bathtub then this is a right choice. You can install it in your bathroom but it is little bit costly.

Musical bedroom decorating ideas

March 02, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

bedroom decor, bedroomIf you are a music lover or are in charge of decorating the room of a music lover in your family then there are some great ideas that you can play with. Here are a few tips that will help you get started:
• If you are decorating a bedroom for a family member then make sure to keep the instrument of passion in mind. If the person is a guitar or a piano fan or player then theme the room around the instrument.
• You can always go for red carpet on the floor. The red carpet gives the room a special look and feel, similar to feel of “walking the red carpet”.
• If the person is a performer then one wall can be devoted to pictures of the person performing in different shows and concerts. Use different and quirky photo frames or extensively colorful ones, depending on the taste of the person!

Giving your small bathroom a makeover

January 16, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

bathroom decor, bathroomIf you are getting tired of your tedious and dull bathroom then you can deliberately try something new for it. This is the of pigeon hole sized apartments, so the room are also very undersized and you can try some experimental ways that gives your bathroom a perfect makeover and besides fits your pocket also. First pick out the unwanted storage and surplus stuffs get them out of your lavatory, it will make your bathroom spacious than before.

A proper choice of photo gallery can give the bathroom a striking attention. As well as it also a cost effective idea. It maintain the illusion of the apace through its work of art. Different type of lights can also glow up your bathroom once again. You also follow your own requirements while decorating your bathroom. A stylish tub can be as well added to complement the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom backsplash options

January 11, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Bathroom backsplash, bathroom decorIf you want to have a decorative and interesting bathroom backsplash, then in these modern days, you will be able to find lots of options. You can go for tiles, mirror backsplashes, laminated wood or even ceramic tiles for your backsplash. You can look online to buy the kind you want. If you want to create an aquatic or marine look for your bathroom backsplash, you can go for blue colored styles.

Bubble and rain drop themed backsplashes are also very popular these days. Many people like the classy neat look and they go for a laminated wood or faux wood backsplash. If you want to use ceramic tiles, you can select various colors instead of using one color. The patterns and designs for these tiles have also become very much varied enhancing the looks for bathrooms, making the sink the central attraction point. Mirror art can also be used for a futuristic and classy touch.

Decorating your home for a party

November 30, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Home decor ideas, home decorAre you planning to organize a party in your home? Are you worried about the decorations you need to do during the party? You don’t to worry much about that. If you have enough budgets with you for the party, you can give the contract to any event managing company and they will look after everything including the decoration.
However if you are running on a low budget, then you can also decorate your home on your own. You can use the seasonal flowers as theses will give your home a very refreshing and cool look. You can also use the colored ribbons to decorate your house.

Now days many other decorative items are available in the market for party purpose. According to your house shape and size, you can use them as well to decorate your home. However, if the party is for some dedicated purpose or celebration, you can use special decoration like if you are organizing Christmas party, you can use stars to decorate your home. Lighting consists of a very important part, you can use the laser lights and glowing attractive lights to create the perfect ambience for the party.

Tree wall stickers for your kids room

November 20, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

kids room, home decorIf you want to create a playful décor that will also serve as a lovely aesthetic appeal, you should go for the tree wall stickers. They can be incorporated quite brilliantly in the décor of the kid’s room and such a nice décor will be very effective when you are trying providing with a unique atmosphere to your kids. Such stockers can give a forest like feeling to the room or they may also be gelled well with the fairy land themes.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the different kinds of tree wall stickers that are available in the market. You can go with the cherry blossom tree decals so that a very beautiful and bright appeal can be brought about in the room. You can also go with Jack and the beanstalk theme with the tree wall stickers that are available in so many options.

Cost effective bedroom décor ideas for your home

November 02, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Bedroom Décor, bedroomWant to decorate your bedroom in a unique way? You have a limited budget for the bedroom décor? Well you need not worry much since now a days there are many options which can give you bedroom a unique look in a much low cost. You can go a for a small corner table by the side of your bed with a small table lamp on it.

It will serve the purpose of lighting your bedroom with a dim light and giving you a perfect romantic feeling. You can put up small wall paintings to give an artistic look to your bedroom. The curtains that you put up in the windows in your bedroom should also be in compliance with the shades on the wall. Floral prints can be a very good choice as it gives a very relaxing ambience to the bedroom. So give your bedroom the much needed revamping within budget.