When not to buy white curtains?

April 22, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Curtains & Drapery

white curtains, buy curtainsWhite curtains are always believed to be the most prestigious. But then before you buy white curtains, you need to consider certain important factors. If it is a summer time, then you must be looking for some light colored curtains. But it is better not go for white colored curtains since the white curtains are not sufficient enough to restrict the sunrays from entering your room. As a result your room will become hotter than usual.

Also keep in mind that the white curtains are much difficult to maintain. Even a slight stain or mark can destroy the complete appearance of the whole curtain. Moreover washing white curtains for a number of times will fade it to some extent. So if your house is in such a place where there is much dust and dirt or if there is a baby in your house, try avoiding to use white curtain as it will be difficult to maintain the beauty of the curtain as it is.

How you can do wonders to your home with the right curtains

October 13, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Curtains & Drapery

Curtains , home decor ideasThe curtains of the house are a very important accessory. They silently add a lot to the aesthetics of the room. Therefore, it is f utmost importance that you choose the best curtains for your room. You have to choose a curtain that would complement the color and design of the entire room. A good curtain can do wonders for the appeal but the wrong one may ruin it.

There are a number of designs and many color schemes to choose from. However, you may get creative with them in your house as well. You can make embroideries. People get bizarrely creative with their curtains and it’s only natural. If you want to give a completely natural look to the room you can hang a piece of green cloth through a pelmet of a wooden tree branch to give it the most unique and natural look. You may also add frills to the curtains by stitching.

What to look for while picking readymade curtains

April 10, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Curtains & Drapery

readymade curtainsDo you want to enhance the beauty of your room by getting nicely decorated curtains? Well curtains are good choices not only to improve the look of your room but also to create some privacy. But often a customer gets confuse while choosing curtains for their house because of the presence of endless styles, fabrics, designs and so on. But before purchasing the readymade curtains you need to take simple steps.

First of all, take full an correct measurement of your windows and doors with a tape and be sure about the height and length of every part of them. Consider about the décor of your room before purchasing curtains because for some homes formals curtains are must needed whereas casual curtains are the best choices for a number of houses. Café curtains are the latest trends. A number of fabric options like silk, satin, cotton are available when it comes to curtains.

Fitting Curtain Poles

January 10, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Curtains & Drapery, Home Care, Home Furnishings

nullBefore fitting curtain poles, you need to consider few things for a convenient job. First of all, it is important to mark the accurate position on the walls from the ground where the pole will be fitted. If this is wrong, then the curtains won’t hang properly. Verify the pole length carefully; you may consult a professional for right suggestion. Next, make sure that you drill into walls, doors or window frames cautiously. Be careful not to drill into electric wiring or pipeline for that matter.

Keep all the tools at hand. Like power drill, building material, screws, screwdrivers, pencil, pipe cutter, wall plug, mitre block and titanium (for steel lintel). Before fitting curtain poles, an obvious thing to do is joining the poles if they come in halves. You have to cut down long wooden poles using various tools like mitre box or pipe cutter, metal saw or even a junior hacksaw, depending on the nature of the pole.