How to Install Blinds at your Home

October 26, 2016  //  Posted by: Chip  //  Category: Blinds
Person installing Blinds

Blinds installed by home onwer

Rather than planning of hiring a contractor for installing blinds, trying out your self is a better option. Why not to do it yourself, if it is benefiting your with less expenditure. The process of installing blinds is not as difficult as you are thinking. Measuring the dimensions, gathering the measurement, proper sizes and selection of colors and at last accurate installation should be the ultimate aim of home owners. Blinds come in varieties of options and materials that can help you in changing the look of your home. As it is said, just a small change can make your home look bigger and different. But attaching a new blind can be confusing task for the home owners. Learning how to install blinds at your home with following theses easy steps will help you in proper installation of blinds by offering fewer efforts.

Process of installing blinds:

Measuring the windows

Buying correct blinds for your home is very important; you need to apply this for knowing and making sure that you are buying the correct blinds. Using a measuring tape sounds a better option for installing blinds. Use it for determining the size and exact measurement of the windows. Blinds can be mounted either on the exteriors or the interiors of the casing. Installing blinds on the outer side of the casing will help you in making your window look bigger in size and appearance.

If planning for a slimmer look, installing the blinds on the inner side proves to be working. There are many benefits of mounting the blinds on the inner side of the casing. It offers with the benefits of allowing more light to your home.

How to measure the exterior mount

Don’t forget to measure the exteriors edges of the casing along with the windows. Home owners should measure from the top surface to the bottom surface for enjoying the perfect installation of blinds at your home. It is advisable of measuring the sill of the windows for knowing its exact installation and look.

How to measure the interior mount

Place the measuring tape on the interiors side of the casing where the glass of the window is installed. Measure the intersection of the window and casing perfectly.  Now, measure the width, top and the bottom surface of the window for installing the blinds. While measuring, if you find any difference in number, use the smallest different for installing blinds at your home.

Buying the blinds according to the measurement you taken

There are varieties of blinds available in the market. Selecting a perfect and suitable blind for your home is difficult task to have, isn’t it? You should choose from different types of blinds like vinyl blinds, wood blinds, aluminium blinds and PV blinds, that is your decision.

Choose it on your personal preferences. Understand the benefits of each type of blinds for having the best blind installed at your home.

If you are planning for installing aluminium blinds for your child’s room, it is advisable of coloring it.  Make sure that the blind selected should be colors by lead free paint that is not harmful to your children.

Making your mounting marks

First thing, unpack the pack of blinds brought for installing. Make sure that no part is missing out. If you are supported with any instruction, follow them for having better installation process of blinds. Making some pencil marks on your windows will help you in leading with proper installation.

It will offer you the exact way of placing the brackets. For installing the blinds on the exterior sides of casing, hold the blind on the upper surface so that it can be exactly centered. Center it up with your window casing. Place it on the two vertical slats that form the frame of the window. Mark it up by using a pencil exactly on the head rail on each side of the casing installed.

Don’t forget to mark one fourth inch past on the end of each head rail installed on the upper surface of the window. For  installing  the blinds on the inner  side  of the casing,  start marking and  placing the  head rail on  the inner  side of  the casing. Keep your head rail leveled by leveling it perfectly by taking proper measurements. Make the pencil marks on the inner side of the head rail because the blinds are installed on the interiors sides.

Place and attach the bracket of the blinds

Start mounting the bracket on the pencil marks being made. Basically there are two open sides of brackets that should be installed. It helps in better gripping of blinds while they are installed. These two brackets: one should be placed facing towards you and the other should be place facing towards the center of the intersection point of the blinds.

Remember, the brackets doors should be placed facing towards the room. If you find that the brackets are tricky to use or install, make the use of your fingers or screw driver for opening it and mounting on the walls.

Mark the parts of the walls where you are going to drill for installing the blinds. Hold the brackets on to its place and drill it perfectly by using accurate screws. After placing the brackets on its place, use the head rail that you need to install.

Head rails are used for gripping and tie the blinds. Open the bracket and place the head rail into the place. Mount it firmly so that it cannot move from its place. It should be gripped tight so that process of installing blinds shoes you with best results and you can enjoy the change in your home.