How to Install Vinyl Flooring

September 19, 2016  //  Posted by: Chip  //  Category: Flooring
contractor installing Vinyl Flooring

Proces of installing Vinyl Flooring

Want to have a classy look of your home in just few weeks? Vinyl flooring is your options that can help you in making your wish come true. Vinyl floors are amongst the most popular forms of flooring options at home. In kitchen area, bathroom areas and in living room, it works best. There are way more benefits that can be availed by installing vinyl flooring at your home. It is water resistant, stain resistant and easily maintainable. Not only that, it is counted to be having versatile styles and patterns of vinyl tiles or sheets that you can go for. It is best at providing longevity and more durability in nature. In present time, vinyl floor is the widely seen to be installed in homes. One of the most attractive and efficient type of flooring option to go for is vinyl flooring.

Vinyl comes in many different types such as tiles and sheets. But installing vinyl sheets are more preferred than tiles. Both provide with efficient benefits but installing vinyl sheets are more comfortable and simple for the home owners. It is a great flooring option that fits in any home décor and stipulated budget. Not only that, it is extremely efficient of dents, stains and scratches. If you are planning of having new floor installed at your home, it is suggested of having vinyl flooring in your home. Well, there are many reasons that can lead you in taking the decision of installing it.

Process of installing vinyl flooring


  • Making a decision


It is important to be firm over your decision that you take. Trust me; having vinyl floors at your home will assist you in getting luxurious look. Varied reasons are provided for taking the decision. Many patterns and designs, choices of colors and vibrant beauty of vinyl make it all possible of having it at your home. Even texturing is other option that can enhance the look of your floors. Making decisions on the terms of its benefits is the best criteria to exercise by the home owners.


  • Clear the room


Before going for the process, make sure that all the stuffs in your room have been set aside. As you are going to install the whole new floor, it is advisable of clearing the area. Empty the selected room at the time of installing it. Clearing the room will assist you in taking the process in simple way without any complexity. Do not forget to observe any damp surface and accumulated debris on the surface. If observed remove it for better installation of vinyl floors at your home.

If you are thinking of mounting the new floor on the older one, you are thinking in wrong way. It is not going to benefit you in any way. In fact in later stage, more chances of spoiling and torn surface of your floors may observe. Prepare your area for sub flooring.


  • Preparing the subfloor


Subflooring needs proper focus because it will lead you to have perfect installation of your final flooring. For ensuring smooth installation of vinyl floors, it is important to prepare a subfloor on which you can lay your actual flooring. Not only vinyl, but installing any floor subflooring is considered to be mandate. Most important thing to note is the subfloor must be even, dry and properly cleaned. No cracks or uneven surface should be present because it may lead to improper installation of vinyl floors at your home. With the help of making the use of textile backing, leveling it becomes easy and elimination of irregularities is possible.


  • Measuring of space available


The area that is available for installing vinyl floors, must be measured accurately for knowing of how much material is going to need, how will you install the flooring, requirement of vinyl sheets and tiles whichever you are going to install and its execution too. Measuring the surface will provide you the basic information of how much vinyl you will have to buy. Certain things like vinyl flooring are available in different thickness and sizes, so make sure of measuring it accurately. Basic measurement will add up more ideas about fitting the shit, eliminating the errors and accuracy that is needed for it.


  • Start fitting the vinyl


After complying with all above stated steps, now it is the time to fit the vinyl sheets or tiles that you have brought to notice. Necessary tips are required to fit it accurately on its place. Take the vinyl sheets and start fitting it parallel to the longest wall in your room. But keep certain amount of space between the walls and the edges of the vinyl floors for proper finishing and cutting of corners of vinyl floors. Cut those edges with the help of scissors and knife for better finish. Surplus to that keep an eye on gapping between the vinyl sheets and the walls for not colliding with each other.


  • Tackling of corners


Those corners which are left unpacked must be packed by making small triangular shaped packing. This packing can be made out of the left-over of vinyl sheets that you are not going to use. Press it properly, pushing it towards the walls for ceasing the sides properly. Metal straight edger is considered to be the right choice for going with this process. And for external corners, chisel is used for pressing the sides and skirting it in to proper shape.


  • Fixing it on place


Last stage of installing vinyl flooring is to see and ensure that all the process of flooring is right on its place or not. See for the areas under the doors, center of room is fixed proper, nailing and gluing is accurate and smooth surfaces available or not. Lastly ensure that no debris and damp area is observed in your new installing vinyl flooring at your home.