Different Types of Beds

January 01, 2016  //  Posted by: Besty  //  Category: Mattresses & Beds

BedsWhen we think of a bed we just think of relaxation, nice sleep for hours and comfort. We all have some or the other imagination when we think of bed. While buying the new bed we all want to match our imagination and reality. It is also possible but for that you need to start exploring your options and start digging out types of beds and find the best bed. There are various different types of beds with different features, different level of comfort and different looks. Here is a list of various types of beds which will avail you with different sleeping options in the market and give you a chance of selecting the one you imagined.

  • Divan bed

Divan beds are made up of two main parts which are attached together with a bracket. The base of the bed is made up of wooden material and it directly sits on the floor. The base of the bed is usually 3 feet high along with a lifting cover and avails with enough space to store your belongings in a well organized way. Divan beds are generally very functional and practical. It is a type of bed which is most preferred because of its supreme level of comfort and sturdiness. You are availed with different range of styles and extensive designs in case of divan beds. Along with style it offers various types of storage options like slider, zip storage, link storage and drawer style storage. It is considered to be one of the best types of beds from the point of view comfort and storage.

  • Sleigh bed

If you want a bold statement in your home then you can opt for sleigh bed. It gives a contemporary look. The design of slender bed is such that it gives a smart and slender look with sleek curves. Among different types of beds, the look of sleigh bed is very different and thus it brings a total different type of style in your bedroom. There are different materials for sleigh beds like wooden and metal but the most popular among all is leather. Among various types of beds, sleigh beds are the perfect fit for contemporary and modern styled homes. It contribution of sleigh beds to enhance the beauty of your room is a lot and hence it is advisable.

  • Sofa beds

If you want multifunctional furniture in your home, then sofa bed is the best one for you. It performs the function of both a sofa as well as a bed. During day, you can use it as sofa and at night you can convert it into bed. Sofa beds also come with storage space in it. Thus you can store extra household items in your sofa beds. Thus sofa beds can be used for various types of functions. It is mostly preferred by people having small houses so that they can save space and store their stuff also. You can also place sofa bed in kid’s room as their rooms are usually smaller.