Types of Roofing Sheet

July 08, 2015  //  Posted by: Chip  //  Category: Roofing

roofing sheetsInstalling an appropriate roof for your home is big decision which everyone has to take under the proper guidance of the hiring employ, the roofing contractor. Roofing sheets are the outer part of roofing which are placed and fitted according to the construction and structure decided by the roofing contractor. Roofing sheets acts as the shield for the roofs because it is designed in such a way that it protects the outer part of the roof from wind, storms, rainfall. There are many different types of sheets available in beautiful colors and textures according to the needs of the owners. The different types of roofing sheets are:

Types of roofing sheets

1. Tile profile sheets

There are many roofing sheets available and amongst them one of the best roofing sheets is tile profile sheet. These sheets are easily available in the market. People have started installing tile profile sheet on their roofs. With help of these sheets the actual roofing panels are protected and less damages takes place. Tile profile sheets are prepared keeping in mind the best quality and parameters of the places where it is going to be installed. Tile sheet comes in different structures and colors which get perfectly matched with the roofs it is going to be placed on.

2. Sandwich puf panel sheets

Sandwich puf panel sheets are another type of roofing sheets. These sheets are more preferable to cold storages, pack houses, industries, etc. these type of sheets are structured in such a manner that it helps the walls and roofs to be cooled. Sandwich puf panel sheet is very much beneficial for cold storages because the roofs and walls are cool with the help of the puf panels placed while its construction. These roofing is a type of wall which consist of two sided one of metal sheets and other of aluminum or steel. Sandwich puf panel sheets provide good thermal insulation in the building or the place where it is installed.

3. Fiberglass roofing sheets  

fiberglass sheetsFiberglass roofing sheets are the most attractive and demanded roofing sheets by the owners of the buildings or houses because this sheets provide the designer effect to the roofs. This sheet gives an enhancing curative look to the roofs. Natural light can be obtained with the help of fiberglass roofing. These sheets are available in large variety of choices. Fiberglass sheets are very easy to install and are less expensive as compared to other roofing sheets.





4. Asbestos roofing sheets

asbestos sheetsAsbestos roofing sheets are the most sold roofing sheet across US. These sheets are easily available and in variety. The durability of asbestos sheets is more as compared to other roofing sheets. Imported materials are used for the construction of asbestos roofing sheets. It is fire, water, wind resistant. If maintained in proper manner than this roofing sheets last for a long period of time. No support is needed for the installation of asbestos sheets.

5. Steel roofing sheets

Steel roofing sheets are prepared in such manner that it is wind, water, fire resistant. Steel sheets are heavy as compared to other roofing sheets. This sheets are manufactured and is suitable for large industrial buildings and storages. Many different colors are available in steel sheets. Installation of steel sheets is expensive but it is long time durable in nature.