Mistakes to Avoid While siding Your House

June 18, 2015  //  Posted by: Besty  //  Category: Home Improvement

SidingSiding works a lot for the outer look of your house. Not only it gives an appealing look to your house but along with it, siding also increases the resale value of your house. Being a bucket full of options and after a brainwashing process of selection you still have something to take care of if you don’t want trouble further. Focus on the mistakes that can occur while siding your house if you want to give a perfect visually beautiful effect according to your imagination. Here are some of the points to be avoided while siding your house.

  • Choosing low qualitative products

Going for the choice of middle class people, they usually choose aluminum and vinyl sidings as they many of the benefits. Considering their durability factor, people generally opt for it. Along with durability it also offers the advantage of low maintenance and also easy installation. But the main look out for these materials is its low cost. It is inexpensive in comparison with other materials. Though they are good but they are not the best because along these shining advantages it also bears some disadvantages. Aluminum siding are prone to dents and paint chips just after lesser time after installation. While in case of vinyl siding, they bear cracks, chips and splits with the passage of time after installation in the areas with extreme cold or temperature changes. If you are going for these materials opt for the better brands as they come with guarantee.

  • Sloppy installation

Most of the time, this mistake is seen when installation is done by yourself. But this doesn’t mean it is an exception in case of professionals. Professional also does the mistake of sloppy installation. This leaves a very horrible effect on the looks of your house. Along with terrible looks, it also leaves gaps in between, which deteriorates your home by allowing moisture to pop up. Doors and windows are those areas which are most common for improper siding installation. Most basic but important job is cutting and fitting of siding panels and for proper measurement is must. For getting installation done quickly, home owners and professional often make mistake and result into sloppy sidings.

  • Clashing colors, patterns and materials

Giving your house a classic by siding is indeed an easy job but this easy job can result into a disaster if improper mix of color, patterns and designs are selected. Combination of right color can make a worst thing to look good but conversely if colors are wrongly selected then the outcome can be a horrible. Design and pattern should go with the material and the select color combination should go with the installed pattern and outlook. If you are unsure of the colors, you can go with the computer programs online and available at home supply stores. These programs will lift you up from the dilemma whether this will go or not. Error in selection will also reduce along reduction in possibility of wrong mix and clashes of thoughts.