When not to buy white curtains?

April 22, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Curtains & Drapery

white curtains, buy curtainsWhite curtains are always believed to be the most prestigious. But then before you buy white curtains, you need to consider certain important factors. If it is a summer time, then you must be looking for some light colored curtains. But it is better not go for white colored curtains since the white curtains are not sufficient enough to restrict the sunrays from entering your room. As a result your room will become hotter than usual.

Also keep in mind that the white curtains are much difficult to maintain. Even a slight stain or mark can destroy the complete appearance of the whole curtain. Moreover washing white curtains for a number of times will fade it to some extent. So if your house is in such a place where there is much dust and dirt or if there is a baby in your house, try avoiding to use white curtain as it will be difficult to maintain the beauty of the curtain as it is.

Contemporary Bathtub Designs

April 13, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor

Bathtub Designs, BathtubsTaking bath and relaxing in Jacuzzi is the best way to reduce stress and feel relaxed. Contemporary bathtub gives relaxation and comfort. If you want to add contemporary bathtub in your bathroom, you have a plethora of different choices according to the price and design. You can choose anyone which suits your requirements.
Few contemporary bathtubs:
• Jetted Bathtub: It has standard features such as electrical pump, pipes, water jets and suction fittings. Through this the water comes out at high speed and velocity and massaging action reduce body soreness, stress.
• Air Bathtub: In air bathtub, air is mainly used for moving the water which gives a soothing and gentle massage. You can also use salts or gels, aromatic oils for relaxation without worrying about clogging.
• Pedestal Bathtub: This type of bathtub is different from others. It is deeper and similar to the pool design.
• Jacuzzi bathtub: If you want a luxurious bathtub then this is a right choice. You can install it in your bathroom but it is little bit costly.