Flamboyant Furniture: The Bombe Chest

October 30, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Furniture, Home Care, Home Improvement

The Bombe chest really looks like a bomb. It is huge yet it is elegant and classy. The Bombe chest has a majestic sixteenth century look that can be a prized possession of any household. It can act as a table, a storage medium and also as a decorative piece.

The size of the chest ensures that a lot of things can be stuffed into it safely. When put in a corner of the house it will look as any other decorative furnishing yet giving new found utility. The furniture can also be used as a table. You can very well place the aquarium or the TV or the music system on it and save other space. Having a trademark plain and simple finish, the Bombe chest can be a good utilitarian addition to your home furnishing. One who knows the tradition will at once recognized its French blood and praises you for your taste.

Refurbishing Your Home Furnishing

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Refurbishing your furniture can save you a lot of cost. However there are certain things that you need to consider before going for a refurbishing. Replacing the old bed by a new one is not always the wise step. If your bed is of high quality material and the only thing it needs is a part replacement, do go for it. Sometimes old beds don’t have new replacement as they are out of manufacture. In these cases refurbishing will do.

Refurbishing will also suit when the future in question is a very expensive one. One can as well go for second hand furniture after careful scrutiny and research of the new buy. This second hand product will give you as much utility as you would have expected from a brand new buy. In cases where you have an antique or vintage piece, you have no other option that refurbishing the damaged part.

Protect Your Textiles with a Cedar Chest

October 24, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Improvement

Cedar is a very high quality wood and is immune to rodent and pest attack. Cedar wood is always the best choice when it comes to furniture as thee give you a durable investment. For storing clothes and other vulnerable material, cedar chests can be put into good use.

Wooden furniture is almost always prone to termite and water corrosion. Well you cannot expose your valuable clothing to these elements. This will not only damage the clothing but also the furniture allotted for it.Intricately designed furniture often is made from soft wood since they are easy to carve. While cedar wood chests normally have lesser designs, their simplicity is what makes them so strong. These chests take up less space and you can stuff them with your clothes probably with a moth ball to keep them fresh. In the modern busy era, simplicity is the key. Be clever enough to understand it.

House Painting Tips

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Painting your house is not a matter of joke. The art of painting and interior decoration requires immense experience and skills that may be acquired from years of working in the field of house painting. There are many styles catering to painting your house and each style echoes the character of the person to whom the house belongs. Painting a house in any pattern you feel like will never solve the purpose of making it look beautiful. Only systematic and a planned approach along with unique and skillful touch can successfully turn a house and give it a mesmerizing look. Hence, some house painting tips are as follows.

Firstly, always hire a professional before starting the painting work.
Second, listen to their suggestions and advices for better results.
Thirdly, make sure you have removed the old paints off your walls before applying new paint.

Four, be a spendthrift when it comes to purchasing painting materials. Make sure you purchase the highest quality available in the market.
Five, make sure you have all the tools and paining kits ready before you start to paint the exteriors of your house.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Antique Bedroom Furniture

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Antique bedroom furnishings are beautiful, classy and stunning. They would be the best choices if you are in search for a special kind of look for your bedroom. Antique furnishings need excellent craftsmen to provide the looks and thus they inevitably reflect the taste that you have. When the focus is solely to give yourself a bedroom that you will be proud to sleep in, you should really for antique furnishings.

Before technology came into practice and entered into every field of manufacturing designs were crafted manually and thus they had a feel to it. Modern day designs are got by specific variety of machines that would only necessarily produce the same type. Thus antique designs are one of their kinds. There’s nothing similar to them. However, one must be careful while getting the antique pieces of furniture for him as durability is a matter to consider. These furnishings have already experience rough and tuff times. Be sure they will be able to serve your generation too.

The Beauty of Built-In Furniture

October 15, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Furniture, Home Care, Home Decor, Home Improvement

Built in furniture means that you get a lot of storage spaces, that you need not devote extra ground to. These furniture in itself act as cabinets and cupboards with every bit of available space used fully. In interior designing, one of the basic features that count in modern day is saving of space. With the rent of living spaces increasing, you need to utilize fully whatever space you have at hand and thus built in furniture do the job.

Experts will tell you that built in furniture when installed in a proper planned way can make the living space more beautiful than designer furnishings. They don’t come too cheap either. However, cost is not a thing that bothers a lot. It’s the look that matters. Well, you won’t be losing on either of them with the most simple built in furniture. Complicated designs look good in palaces and not homes. Do what suits you and you will never have to worry.