Give your study room a decisive edge

August 20, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Decor, Home Improvement

Your study room may not inspire too much thought in the minds of your household, but it should. You will use it for knowledgeable reading and qualitative work on your computer.

Ensure that it is bigger than general size of bathrooms. It should be profiled with a closet (preferably wall-engraved) to store necessary books and documents. A write-in desk with an ergonomic chair will complete the look. You shall spare some thought on its ventilation. Have it open two sides to outside air.

Your floor also needs some designing. Don’t go for energy efficiency items like bamboo floors. Marble is considered the best option as it is quite compact. Just don’t enable intrusion of dust elements and other chemicals.

Lighting should be good enough like in billiard room. Centralized lighting with ion bulbs are best option. Dim light will only lead to headaches while studying. This will make your study room decisive.

Minimal look for living room

August 17, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Decor, Home Improvement

Earlier, people would place all their accumulated gadgets in their living rooms for general display. Now that all homes are relatively equipped with these gadgets, mindset has changed. Minimal look is in much like nudes are the trend in fashion accessories.

Just have one classic upholstered sofa creased with two chaise chairs and a coffee table. Place a plasma television at the facing corner. A bonsai plant in the right hand corner will do the trick. If your living room has a bay window, go for Venetian blinds.

Go for smart lighting in your living room. It should not be too flashy nor too less, as this room is the most populated. Go for stylish spread of wall-to-wall carpets. This is one area where compromising with budget won’t do.

You may have an antique railway clock over the window or over your mantel piece and that is it. Keep good enough walking space reserved for visitors.

Chemical off gassing

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Your house is bound to have spreads of plastic, curtains and other furnishing. Apart from making your life easy, they also encourage dispersion of poisonous gases like formaldehydes. It is quite odd to even imagine your house not being a breeding ground for these pungent chemicals.

You don’t realize and suddenly you have respiratory problems and intense sleep. To foster a healthy situation for living, you should first get your indoor air quality thoroughly checked. Small things like placing a thick mat outside or placing few strategic plants will improve the quality of inherent air. Apply air fresheners to boost that.

Call professionals for periodic sessions to eliminate chemical off gassing. Go for natural furnishings than plastic and fiber glass appliances. If you have too many electronic items at house, place them sparingly in all rooms. This will mitigate effects of chemical off gassing. Keep good standards of sanitation and hygiene.

Energy-efficient windows

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With rise in pollution, many constructors are now swearing by green initiative. If you are having your bungalow done by a constructor, get some space dug in front for rain water harvest. Use your electronic appliances meagerly and install energy efficient windows.

Natural options like glazed glass and wood are reckoned best windows to conserve energy. These keep the energy confined within which can be circulated for further use. You may also go for vinyl windows, which saves energy through its retentive capacity. Strangely, aluminum also helps in that aspect in spite of being a metal. These options are all bad conductors of heat and thus don’t conduct outer heat inside or leave out inner heat outside. This way, they naturally do the job of HVAC.

You may also go for cork insulation for your windows. Place two films of any material and stuff the mid-space with cork cushions. This will also make your house relatively soundproof.

Create an open kitchen

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People have begun to experiment with their homes. One of these chances they take is with their kitchen. They place it in the open and add a small eating area to give it a complete look. One wall of your hall may be used for launching preparation space and a countertop. Place a kitchen cabinet at hand and you have got your kitchen ready.

Remember to place a chimney atop so as not to exhaust people. This concept has been invented to use your hall space for dual use, thereby ensuring that you can live handsomely in even small spaces. However, with open kitchens, designing has to be spot on. Go for light colors and lighting as not to hamper living room outlook. Also go for regular remodeling as your open kitchen is visible to even uncommon guests.

You may also add a bar enclosure coupled with a few bar stools and revel at night.

Installing shower stalls

August 05, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Home Care, Home Improvement

Whatever time you spend in bathing, you want it to be liberating. Thus people go for different designs to make their bathrooms convenient. They may go for countertops with frills and crockery pieces. They may also place sleek bath-tubs and install shower stalls.

In general homes, you don’t get enough space to place your shower stall in the middle. Thus corner shower stalls are most common. Just remember to have your console near to that for convenience. You may try prefabricated tiles, fiberglass or chrome settings for your stall.

Place your shower nozzle at a maneuverable height so that it is easy for everyone to use it. You may also be wise enough to recycle the water used and spent in the shower stalls. Don’t go for bright colors for shower stalls but ensure that nozzle sprays water fast enough.

There are power showers and salt showers available in the market too.

Spruce your garden with fountains

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From fiber base fountains to plain wall fountains, you have enough options to decorate your garden. If you have the space, you can cut off the general noise emanating from behind by placing a fountain right in the middle of your fountain. There are carved fountains in sandstone, marble and even quartz in a range of prices.

You may also install jet sprays to automatically water the garden plants. However take extra care that it does not become a playground for your kids, pets or birds. Also, use your water circulation discreetly as water is scarce. You may recycle water from rain water harvest. It is great if artesian level of your house is too high.

Traditional heavy fountains came in cast stones and had open-mouthed statuettes from where water oozed out. Now, such decorations would be somewhat out of place. It is wiser now to opt for minimal designs in fountains.