Hanging Your Own Wallpaper Boarders

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Wall paper boarders are a clever way of covering up those ugly scratched boarders of a wall or even just to uniquely pizzazz the rooms in your home. Most wallpaper rolls are long enough to go the whole length of the boarder without a break. So you can hang the wallpaper boarders along the ceiling and walls or at chair length from the floor.

Use premixed paste such that the boarder wall paper will stick for longer. Ensure that you paint the paste evenly around the areas that you are hanging the wall paper and also take into consideration the size of the wallpaper as you paint the paste that it may not ooze out.

Before hanging the wallpaper boarders it is also prudent to inspect the boarders in your room for any cracks and scratches. Be sure to fill these up or paint them over with the same color that the room has.

Wallpapering Tips Made Easy

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Wall papers are still a great way to re-vamp the look of your walls. It is sometimes a frowned upon interior decor idea but it does not have to be that way if you maintain and use wall papers correctly. When using wall paper boarders for example it is advisable that you use a premixed wallpaper paste as this one works better than other types of paste to ensure that the wallpaper boarder sticks to the wall.

Cleaning you wallpaper as soon as a blemish is spotted is not being a germ freak. This will in fact keep the beauty of your wallpaper, do this with just warm water and mild soap but do not scrub the wallpaper to avoid wear and tear.

Removing the wall paper safely is also tricky but you can do this with ease by scrapping off the wall paper instead of tearing it off randomly. Use the wallpaper removal products for scrapping and if this does no work you can use steaming.

Floppy Roller Painting

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Floppy roller painting is a great way to jazz up your walls without it costing you too much. This type of painting does require some skill and technique that will give you the perfect look for your walls. The floppy roller will require you to have a roller painter, canvas and drop clothes to protect your carpet and glaze paint.

Before getting into the real painting you will need to apply a glaze paint which is usually known as the under coat. This ought to be darker or lighter than the final layer, so mix up the under coat through and through to achieve an even and thin mixture. To your paint and glaze mixture you can add latex to give you more open time that is more time to work on your design before the paint goes dry. Use the floppy roller evenly over the wall to achieve the design pattern that you desire for your walls.

How To sponge Paint Your Wall With Designer Style

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You can still get classy looking walls at minimal costs with do it yourself sponge painting techniques. These are easy to learn techniques that just require you to have acrylic crafts paint, a pencil, a clean old sock, a tape measure, a rubber band and a cardboard or masking tape.

Tie the rubber band at the end of the sock is such a way that you can cut it off 3 inches of the sock. Ensure that you tighten up the rubber band so that when you cut off the end of the sock, it sprays out like a flower. You will need to use the cardboard to mix up your color if you want a mixed flower pattern or you can use a monotone, but just start with the darker color.

Use the flower end of the sock to dab the paint on the cardboard and then dab it again on the wall that you want to repaint. Do this over and over again and scatter the “flowers” across the wall to have a designer look.

Liven Dreary Wall Paneling

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It is tempting at times to forget about the old and unpleasant wood paneling in the home until someone mentions it. This feature of interior décor can give the home such a sad face thus it is surely important to liven the panel.
One way you can do this by simply using a sand paper to smoothen it down and rub down the scratched areas of the panel before painting them. The trick here is to ensure that the paint that you apply will stick longer and so will the beauty of the panels.

Decorating wall panels is a fun and effective way of livening it up. It is often believed that wall panel are supposed to have one monotonous color, but if your looking t brightening up a room then look to how you can decorate the wall panels and the results will certainly not disappoint you. Use a diversity of decorations or you can chose to use on theme.

History of blinds

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The history of blinds dates back to the early 50s. As the name suggest, they were discovered by the Venetian blinds and measured about two inches wide. The slats were usually hanged together with the ideal fabrics hence allowing them to be tilted in various angles. Basically, they were quite noisy and some people did not enjoy them at all. The early Egyptians created their own versions by using reeds which they managed to get from the Nile. The ancient Chinese also created theirs using bamboo.

In the 18th century the blinds were used as a modernization aspect over the wooden shutters which were very unique. So essentially, the 50s blinds were replaced by the 80s and the trend will definitely go like this. Nowadays, blinds are quire pleasing to the eyes when viewed from inside or even outside a house. They are available in numerous colors and styles. If well designed, they can give the ideal privacy from any outsider.

All You Needed to Know About Flatware

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The flatware’s come in various designs and this can be a little confusing for any first timer. So the best approach would be to listen to your friends when you are out shopping. You are likely to get the likes of salad spoons, dinner forks, tea spoons, table spoons and the likes. All these varieties are best suited to their specific functions so don’t use a salad spoon in place of a tea spoon.

There is also another category of the rare species as popular known. This includes the likes of tea tongs, finger bowls, table and salt spoons. A tea tong is used to squeeze tea from a tea bag and is quite reliable. While on the other hand, a finger bowl is used to clean the fingertips. So basically, you should know their uses before buying them so as to avoid wastage and things like that.