Kitchen Hazards and Quick Fixes

January 30, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Kitchen Care

nullA research suggests that maximum home related accidents begin in the kitchen which could be due to electric short circuit, gas leakage or due to slipping on wet floor. Hence here are some kitchen hazards and quick fixes which will help in keeping your loved ones safe:

Some kinds of flooring materials or floor wax will make the floor slippery. To avoid slipping use anti skid material for kitchen flooring or you can even use a throw rug to prevent slippage. But if you have anyone using cane or walker at home don’t use throw rugs

Use proper lightening so that every area in kitchen is properly illuminated. Also located light switches within easy reach.

Keep the fire extinguisher within your reach and avoid wearing flowing robes and synthetic clothes while working in the kitchen.

Also keep the kitchen clean of all clutter by removing all unwanted items which will not only provide you with more space but will also not be a breeding ground for pests and lessen fire hazards. Also have a proper smoke detector installed at your premises

Also special care should be taken while using sharp knives and electric appliances to avoid fire hazards or any other accidents.

Chandelier Care Tips

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nullMost of us will swell with pride when we look at sparkling clean chandelier bathing the room with its bright light. But the dust and the presence of other air pollutants may reduce the shine of your wonderful chandelier and therefore regular care and maintenance is essential to maintain its beauty. Here are some tips that will help you to remove dust from your chandeliers to maintain its sheen:

Whenever you dust the room where chandelier is located, also clean this fixture by making use of anti-static brush. While cleaning a crystal chandelier one should be gentle so that pendants don’t beat each other and crack.

You can properly clean your chandelier using a white soft cotton cloth dipped in a solution made of one portion isopropyl alcohol and 3 portions of distilled water. Don’t forget to wipe the chandelier dry after using this solution

Always check whether the cleaning liquid contains ammonia as that could be harmful for your crystal chandelier. Check the glass or crystal chandelier design carefully before you start the cleaning process which will make it easier for you to reassemble it again.

Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

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nullKitchen cabinets occupy a large space in kitchens and are therefore more exposed to dirt, heat and temperature. Regular wiping and cleaning of kitchen cabinets is essential to maintain their looks and beauty for a long time. Here are some handy kitchen cabinet cares tips which will make them appear as good as new:
A suitable cleaner should be used depending upon the material used for making kitchen cabinets. While aluminum cabinets can be cleaned using regular detergent and water, wooden cabinets needs special non abrasive cleaners for maintenance.

One must also keep the doors and drawers of the cabinets fully closed to prevent dust, moistures and creatures from crawling into these spaces. Regular check for holes and cracks and repair them so that the items that you store in these cabinets are safe.

Regular painting of kitchen cabinets is essential which will not only preserve the cabinets but will also act as an insect repellant. Also you can even consider re-facing the cabinet if you are remodeling your kitchen or if the cabinets are damaged. Re-facing will give your kitchen an instant new look.

Use and Care of Natural Stone Counters

January 18, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Kitchen Care

nullPeople install natural stone counters to enhance the value and add characters to their homes. However to maintain the timeless beauty of these expensive and elegant pieces following care should be taken:

An appropriate sealant has to be applied on the top of the natural stone that is being used which can repel oil and water and increase the performance of the counters. The sealants also makes these countertops stain resistant

Also based on the type of the stone you have to use the right kind of cleaner to keep them clean and shiny. For example marble containing calcium can get spoiled if you use an acidic cleaner. It is therefore advisable to use a cleaner with neutral pH for cleaning natural stone counters

It is a good practice to polish your natural stone counters once a week which will prolong the life of these countertops

Lastly wipe the surface clean of any grim and dirt to maintain the beauty of these natural stone countertops.

Handy Drain Care Tips for Kitchen Sinks

January 14, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Kitchen Care

nullKitchen sinks often face a problem of blocked drainpipe due to food and dirt. In order to get rid of these problems, let’s take a look at 4 handy drain care tips for kitchen sinks:

The sink’s garbage disposer is not the dumping zone for all kitchen waste. So never throw food and other particles into the sink right away. Small bits and pieces of food can easily pass through it and warm water helps it wash down smoothly.

In order to care for your sink, you should understand that the garbage disposer could only grind small bits of garbage and let it drain through the pipe.

Oil and grease can only aggravate the problem of blockage. So it is better to dispose them in the garbage bin and not the sink to keep it free of grease.

Certain types of food waste like onions, rice and fruits are not suitable to go to the garbage disposer. So throw them into the trash can only.

Selecting the Right Fireplace for Your New Home

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nullIf you are planning to install a fireplace for your new home then you have hit upon a very good idea. Fireplaces are not only utilitarian but also immensely favorable for the beauty of the room since is has an antique charm in itself. However, choosing the right fireplace might not be as easy as you probably think.

There are basically two broad categories when it comes to fireplaces- temporary fireplace and permanent fireplace. According to your requirement you can either set them up within the house or outdoors. Fireplaces are available in various materials such as clay, stone steel, iron etc.

If you want to purchase permanent fireplace it is very important to check the measurement of the area you want to set it up in. Also, try to avoid small fireplaces because you would most probably have to custom-make the wood logs.

Blending the Ventless Gel Fireplace into Your Décor

January 10, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Fireplace, Home Improvement

nullVentless Gel fireplaces have become immensely popular owing to its range of designs. Another added advantage you get is that you can modify these fireplaces to blend beautifully with the décor of your interior. Having odd fireplaces have always been considered a concern by the home makers but Ventless Gel Fireplace takes care of it all.

The first thing you need to do is order a Stanford or a Beaumont. Once you have done that it is time to make a fireplace hearth all by yourself. The hearth should ideally be 20 inches by fifty-four inches so that you have a border of six inches on all the side. Now stick this hearth to the floor.

Now, you just need to fix the fireplace when it arrives onto the hearth with stucco. Once you have done that paint the entire fireplace to match the color of the walls to get a perfectly blended fireplace.

Vertical Blinds Care and Repair Instructions

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nullVertical blinds look really good on sliding doors and large windows. But you must also know how to take care of them and repair them instantly when such need arises. Best way to care for these blinds is by maintaining their alignment. On sliding doors, make sure the blinds are open, as wind might damage the closed blinds. Once it tangles, it is very difficult to reset. It might break if you try to push it anyways. Also see to it that the blinds don’t overlap each other. This will guarantee them long life.

Repairing the blinds all by yourself might always not be an easy option, as overdoing might break them. You may try to adjust them by your hands but in a careful manner. You may reset the twisted vanes or blinds by simply opening and shutting them with the control. If nothing works, you may have to replace the broken vanes. So better be cautious or incur extra expense!

Guide to Bamboo Flooring Care

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Durability, good looks and easy maintenance make people opt for bamboo flooring. If you want your floor to appear as good as new then take a leaf or two out of this simple guide to bamboo flooring care:

As a generic rule you can increase the life of your bamboo flooring by keeping it free from dirt and dust which can cause scratching. Always use a soft broom to remove all the dust particles and make use of a doormat so that dirt is not transferred from the footwear to the floor which can mar its beauty

Bamboo flooring can get damaged due to excessive pressure so when the floor is new avoid wearing any high heels on the new floor and keep a protective padding under the legs of all your furniture to prevent the denting. Also keep on changing the location of your furniture periodically to maintain the good looks of your bamboo flooring

Bamboo floors need breathing space and hence only use suitable rugs for covering these floors. Avoid using rubber rugs which will restrict the air movement thereby discoloring the bamboo floor.

Lastly never wash your bamboo floors with harsh chemicals and always wipe off any spills using a dry cloth to prevent damages.
Using this simple guide you can take good care of bamboo flooring and also save money on expensive repairs.

How to Care For Hand Hooked Rugs

January 10, 2010  //  Posted by: Home Makers  //  Category: Rugs & Carpets

nullHand hooked rugs look great on any floor. But that is not enough, as you need to take proper care of them for everlasting beauty. Some of the ways in which you can care are:

• Never fold the rug, as it will damage the base that holds everything together. You can roll it up and store it in a proper place.

• Use vacuum with deliberation. Excess use of it will hamper the rug.

• If ever you spill dirt on it, use moist cotton with detergent to clean it. Never pour water or soak it in water.

• Do not place these rugs in damp areas like kitchen or bathroom.

• If you want to hang these rugs as artifacts, frame them and don’t use glue or tapes on them.

• It is better to repair small splits right away with professional help rather than sewing it all by yourself.
This can damage your rug forever.